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Tamás Jamriskó - Credit Gábor Rusznák

Is there a podcast future maintaining the non-negotiables of community radio? Securing freedom of expression in Hungary is at the core!

Talking with Tamás Jamriskó, Editor-in-Chief of the small community radio EPER (Első Pesti Egyetemi Rádió) – the first university radio of the city of Pest in Hungary, the question is challenging, but easy: a child of the 90s he realized that the ‘community radio’ that the older generation of the […]

The Conflict in Ukraine – a Political and Cultural Historical Context from a Slavist’s Perspective

An interview with Professor Dr. Dejan Ajdačić Yemen, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Ethiopia, Libya … Can we immediately and at the first glance associate these countries? This question appears over and over in a similar form when the new war conflicts break out, or the old ones heat up. […]