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Fulfilling digital rights regulation in Community Media Website and Structures.

Since 01.01.2014 an agreement with the German legal rights association GEMA enables independent radio stations to publish audios online that are subject to the GEMA’s obligation for a period of seven days following a broadcasting show.

But to date, hardly any radio station has been able to implement such a 7-day media library. Yet this would be important for the stations’ reach. The experiences of Radio free FM show that with the possibility of time-delayed re-listening, more people are listening to programmes.

There is great interest in the technical details of the media libary of Radio free FM. In an English and a German presentation, Christian Lange explains stream and metadata handling, interaction with CMS Drupal and the playout system at the station.

Radio Z of Nuremberg is interessted to clone the Radio free FM has provided a dummy for this purpose. We are happy to network interested free radios.