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The Conflict in Ukraine – a Political and Cultural Historical Context from a Slavist’s Perspective

An interview with Professor Dr. Dejan Ajdačić Yemen, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Ethiopia, Libya … Can we immediately and at the first glance associate these countries? This question appears over and over in a similar form when the new war conflicts break out, or the old ones heat up. […]

European Cultural Backbone 2.0

ECB 2.0 is an initiative to build a federated platform for European civil society media and content producers. Launched by developers, archivists and community media providers, we aim to connect communities across Europe by developing a sustainable and self-managed alternative to centralized commercial services for the publishing and preservation of […]

A Statement from our friends in Budapest:

One step closer to justice In November 2019 Foundation for Civil Radio filed a lawsuit against a decision by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority that from December 21, 2019 Civil Radio had to stop its broadcasting on the air. We knew that this legal action […]