Project – Danubestreamwaves digital

The future of community radios in the Danube region is being challenged by digital and social upheavals:

The loss of the unique selling proposition of FM is a (threatening) sword of Damocles for the discoverability of the stations. In order to ensure that they can be found, it is necessary today to additionally use a large number of different social media channels. Content must be adapted to the new channels. This means a far greater effort for the volunteer editors.

The discussion on the digitalization of distribution channels is a major focus in all Danube countries: In Baden-Württemberg, the battle is currently being fought for equal distribution on DAB+ in order to secure future viability from 2026. Further down the Danube, the situation is already existentially threatening: Civil Radio in Hungary has just lost its VHF license and is forced to ad-hoc improve its web presence.