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audio normalizing

Broadcasting or producing a podcast we want to create a positive sound experience for our listeners. Loudness is one quality factor for this. Our listeners don’t want to keep turning volume controls. That’s why we have to ensure constant loudness when producing. We do that by observing normalization. When normalizing, […]


The Lohrothek is an editorial system developed initally for free Radio Lohro in Rostock. Within our projekt danube streamwaves digital we presented it to interested free radios. In order to use it internationally, work is still being carried out on localizing the backend. Front end is already localized to English. […]

Automated Radio

Automated Radio (AuRa) is a concept for automating program planning and playout. The modular approach was tailored specifically to the needs of independent radio stations. The initiative for AuRa came from five Austrian stations Radiofabrik (Salzburg), Radio FRO (Linz), Freies Radio Freistadt, ORANGE 94.0 (Vienna) and Radio Helsinki (Graz). They […]

Hompage with integrated print production

Necessity is the mother of invention – almost a doctrine in free radios. Freies Radio für Stuttgart regularly publishes the print magazine Modulator. In the early years, many free radios had similar print products. They are partly publicity for the diverse program, but also contain additional jounalitic content. Most radio […]