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Tamás Jamriskó - Credit Gábor Rusznák

Is there a podcast future maintaining the non-negotiables of community radio? Securing freedom of expression in Hungary is at the core!

Talking with Tamás Jamriskó, Editor-in-Chief of the small community radio EPER (Első Pesti Egyetemi Rádió) – the first university radio of the city of Pest in Hungary, the question is challenging, but easy: a child of the 90s he realized that the ‘community radio’ that the older generation of the […]

Katharina Biringer (l.) in discussion with moderator Fabian Ekstedt (r.)

Public value of community media in the Danube region

What use and value do free radio stations have for society? The participants of the discussion round will ask themselves this question on stage: Ákos Cserháti von Civil Radio, Budapest Erwin Köhler, MdL Grüne Sabine Fratzke, BfR, AFF Vladimir Radinović, Vorstand CMFE Katharina Biringer, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften chat with […]

from programme exchange to online archives

Programme exchange was the most important motivation for networking among independent radios in the 90th. It’s hard to imagine how that worked without the internet: People sent each other copied lists (yes, photocopiers already existed) by letter. Such a thick envelope contained often handwritten lists descriping library holdings of stations […]